Town Crier's Last Post

Honouring Those that came before us.

"All these were honoured in their generations,

and were the glory of their times.

There be of them, that have left a name behind them,

that their praises might be reported.

And some there be, which have no memorial; who are perished,

as though they had never been;

and are become as though they had never been born;"

                                                           Apocrypha 44:7-9 

We live by tradition and history, and cherish the past that we come from, and the future that we climb towards. We also cherish the men and women in whose footsteps we follow. These pages are dedicated to these people.

Much of the information I have here, I have found on the internet. I thank those who have provided me with additional or corrected information. I hope that this will be a community effort, on behalf of all Town Criers.

I currently have 38 "countries" in this site: Armenia; Australia; Austria; Belarus; Belgium; Bermuda; Canada; Cape Verde; Channel Islands; Czech Republic; Denmark; England; France; Germany; Ireland; Isle of Man; Italy; Java; Luxembourg; Malta; Mexico; Netherlands; New Zealand; Newfoundland; Northern Ireland; Panama; Peru; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Scotland; South Africa; Spain; Switzerland; Syria; Turkey; United States of America; Wales. I have seen reference to Town Criers in other African countries also.

In some cases, I might have mistakenly included a "court crier". This vocation was, and is, quite different from that of a town crier, and I have tried to not include court criers, though sometimes it is difficult to tell what is what during research.

To genealogists looking for family information, you can contact me for information. I am putting references on my data base. It never hurts to check back here occasionally, as I sometimes find new data on the names I have had here for some time.


Gary Long

Town Crier for Berwick and Canning, Nova Scotia, Canada since 1984

contact me at:

There are 2578 names and or places listed on this database, as of January 28, 2016

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